Halsgrove is the main imprint of the Halsgrove Group and remains a beacon of excellence in regional and specialist publishing in the UK and beyond.

    Over more than thirty years, the range of titles has expanded to cover subjects as diverse as steam railways, speedway, industrial archaeology and cricket, as well as core studies of counties, cities, towns and communities across the country. The list continues to grow year by year, making a significant contribution to the presentation and celebration of our heritage.

    Each book is carefully crafted to present information in the most attractive and readable way, using materials of the highest standard and durability, and benefiting from meticulous attention to every aspect of design and editorial.

    They are books that will be kept and read not only today but for years to come. They are works that not only become the standard on their subject but are objects of beauty in themselves.



    Halstar is Halsgrove's exciting imprint focused on the Arts.
    While Halsgrove has established its name as one of the UK ’s leading publishers of high quality regional titles, the Halstar imprint features books, within the field of the Arts, that have been identified as having significant potential beyond our core regional markets.
    The Halsgrove Group's unique experience in specialist areas of trade publishing, combined with extensive resources as one of the very few significant UK publishers maintaining exclusive control over design, sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution, gives Halstar authors a significant lead in the promotion and sale of their work.
    Based at our Somerset distribution centre, Halstar builds on the high standards of design and production for which Halsgrove is well known, while using an established position within the book trade together with extensive off and online marketing to ensure success for each title.
    Halstar’s marketing reach often combines with individual artists, arts bodies and galleries to promote their work in book form. Our experience in identifying commercially successful titles, produced to the highest standards, covering arts-interest subjects that readers love to buy is at the core of the imprint's continued expansion.


    PiXZ – a pocket-sized name for a smart little package. Halsgrove spends a lot of time talking to booksellers and customers as we move our ranges forward and a recurring theme has been requests for titles which build upon the Halsgrove tradition of high quality hardback books tuned to their niche markets, but at a price which makes them even more accessible.
    Launched in 2008 as ‘The Spirit of Britain’ test range, we have been delighted by the response from authors, customers and retailers alike to these small books with a big quality punch all priced at £4.99. In the years since the range has expanded to include walks, people, transport, railways and places.
    Designed to have a modern and reader friendly appeal to both adults and children and to be posted cheaply, they are ideal as gifts and souvenirs and are collected by a large number of customers.
    For the retail market, PiXZ Books are supplied in smart counter packs of ten with a tiny footprint which can often be found next to the till offering an easy 'pick up' sale in both traditional bookshops and increasingly in non traditional outlets including pubs, convenience stores, tourist information points and cafes.

    Following the success of the ‘Spirit’ format, we have expanded the range and the proportions to a larger, more generous size to complement the pocket editions. Still easily handled and very competitively priced, the ‘Super PiXZ’ series delves into its subjects in more depth and at greater length. Particularly successful are the new Companion Guides to long distance walks and coastlines, explorations of pubs particularly with a smuggling theme, and celebrations of industrial heritage and historic transport. This exciting aspect of our list is growing in leaps and bounds.



    Ryelands is Halsgrove's exciting imprint for titles which fall outside of our traditional regional and arts focus.
    The work of the Halsgrove Group in regional markets throughout the UK has developed an expertise in delivering successful high quality publishing aimed at relatively small target audiences. This is enhanced by being one of the very few significant UK publishers maintaining exclusive control over design, sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution.
    Our ability to reach into niche areas has increasingly opened opportunities for authors or organisations to realise the considerable benefits that can arise from having a focused book in print. Among their motivations may be the fruition of a literary, photographic or artistic project, the kick starting of a new one or the production of high quality books as part of the marketing mix for other projects.
    The Ryelands imprint was formed to challenge the boundaries of Halsgrove’s traditional regional focus and place the project management that has successfully driven many public body, corporate and marketing projects at the disposal of smaller groups and where appropriate individual authors.
    In this way Ryelands seeks to combine the high standards of production for which Halsgrove is well known with a fresh, exciting approach to untapped publishing markets.


    Halswood is Halsgrove's unique range of quality journals inspired by the spectacular landscape and art of British regions. In the digital age, there is still no better place to keep information that really matters than in the pages of these beautifully produced titles.
    Journals such as these tend to be well used and have a long life. Along with important contact detail, they keep track of friends and acquaintances, tracing their lives over time and from place to place building into an attractive and permanent keepsake.
    While Halsgrove has established its name as one of the UK ’s leading publishers of high quality regional books, the Halswood imprint features titles that have been identified as having significant potential both within and beyond our core regional markets. As well as providing years of pleasure, they make superb gifts and enjoy continued trade success both in traditional bookshops and the wider gift markets, as well as reaching all corners of the world through online sales. Their popularity has been underlined by many trade buyers revisiting initial views the concept lacked relevance in the Twenty First Century. 
    Based at our Somerset distribution centre Halswood builds on the high standards of design and production for which Halsgrove is well known to give traditional products a modern twist, while using an established position within both the book and gift trades together with extensive off and online marketing to ensure success for each title.
    Halsgrove's marketing reach often combines with individual artists, arts bodies and galleries to promote their work in book form. The addition of the Halswood imprint has given another channel for book based promotion which has been successfully adopted by both artists and their galleries as cost efficient and effective parts of their ongoing marketing.
    Community Histories

    Community Histories

    Halsgrove is proud of the award-winning Community History Series which now extends to over 250 titles. Working closely with the communities involved, the publication of these superb A4 hardback books is a culmination of a project which also serves to collect, identify and conserve an archive of photographs which is preserved digitally on behalf of each community.

    Halsgrove is always pleased to hear from communities who wish to embark on a new project. We would be very pleased to hear from others where their Halsgrove Community History is no longer in print, who would like to see it updated and made newly available.

    Your Community History

    If you have ever thought that your local community deserves its own book, but have no idea where to start, Halsgrove's Community History Series could have the answer. This valuable programme offers local groups and individuals a unique and exciting opportunity to publish a beautifully illustrated history of their town, village or parish.

    Anyone can get involved

    Since the publication of The Book of Widecombe-in-the-Moor in 1997, the first in the series, Halsgrove has published over 250 titles. The cost of production is covered by pre-publication sales and you do not need to be an expert historian or writer to put together a book on your locality. Indeed, although some have been written by retired teachers and practiced authors, the majority of books in this series are by individuals or local history groups with no previous experience of writing for print. The common factor is that they all have an enduring love of their community.

    The finished article

    Each Community History is presented in a 160-page A4 hardback format with upwards of 200 photographs accompanied by a lively text covering various aspects of community life down through the years. From farms and schools, through church and chapel, to local trade and industry, topics encompass a wide range of subjects chosen by the community. The author/group supplies Halsgrove with their text and pictures, leaving us to do the rest! Once edited, designed and proofread, the book is sent to the author or group for approval before being printed.


    For every Community History Halsgrove designs and prints an attractive flyer which carries photographs and information about the local community, the author(s) and the series as a whole. On the reverse is an order form through which it is possible to purchase the book and have a family name inscribed in it, thus offering individuals the opportunity to invest in the community's unique history. All orders received by Halsgrove are acknowledged. In the months leading up to publication the marketing team liaises closely with authors to let them know how sales are going and to ensure that the project is receiving the local publicity it deserves.

    What to do next

    You may have plans to investigate your community's past, or perhaps you have already started - talking to older residents, poring over maps, collecting pictures and getting thoroughly absorbed in the pattern of local events over the years. If so the Community History Series may be able to help you create an heirloom for future generations to treasure and to give your studies lasting form. If you are interested in becoming involved and would like to find out more, please contact the Community Histories team. Email: sales@halsgrove.com.

    What previous authors say about the Halsgrove Community History series

    "You have done a marvellous job and we are so pleased with it." - Stella Wilks, joint author, The Book of Carshalton

    "I am very impressed with your work... you must be very satisfied with your end results - your presentation makes all my years of research worthwhile." - D. Richard Cann, author, The Book of Bridestowe

    "I was amazed at how it became a community project. I thought that we would perhaps struggle on our own but in the end we were offered over 1,500 photographs!" - Jeff Kingaby, compiler, The Book of Morchard Bishop

    "May I say how good it is to see illustrations and photographs that have reproduced so successfully. I am sure this book will be a credit to the Stithians Parish History Group." - Angela Broome, librarian, Royal Institution of Cornwall.
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